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Autumn postcard “hedgehogs”

Another very easy craft for your children. We made very nice Autumn postcard “hedgehogs” with simple technique which I would lik [...]

Autumn postcard for grandparents

I would like to show you very simple craft for you and your children. This is how we made nice Autumn postcard for grandparents. For this au [...]

Christmas Postcard 2014/01

Another very easy Christmas post card, which me and my daughter made this Christmas. I used: A4 white cardboard paper acrylic colors cutter [...]

Easter Postcard

Because me and my daughter likes to send postcards to our family, we decided to self-produce their. This Easter Postcard is very easy and ni [...]

Christmas Postcard 2013

I used:  A4 white hard paper, A4 blue paper, A4 white paper, glue, tool, different markers ( I used: brown, orange, black), scissors. Ben [...]
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