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Felted Bags

As you can see in my Hand Made category I love to work with wool. Here are some of my Felted Bags. I like combination of different colored w [...]

Felted Necklaces

I would like to share with you some of my work. As I mentioned before I try to work with wool. In this section I would like to present some [...]

Felted Belts

Producing belts has become one of my favorite Hand Made art. I really enjoy in all process. From the first idea about how the belt should lo [...]

Felted Winter Scarf

My Felted Winter Scarf are made from fine merino wool, so they don’t scratch the neck and are very pleasant to the touch. ~ I love the [...]

Felted Fairytale Hats

I made these Felted Fairytale Hats just for fun. The true is that I like fairy and all stuff around fairy a lot so maybe because of it. ~ M [...]

Felted Earrings

My Hand Made Felted Earrings. ~ Strawberries ~ ~ Felting Rasta earrings ~ ~ Felting Rasta earrings ~ ~ Felting Rainbow ~ [...]
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