Sunflower Sprouts Salad

My favorite salad made ​​from sunflower sprouts and organic cherry tomatoes. Very simple, tasty and healthy. Can be served with any kind of meal or just with yogurt. Sunflower sprouts are a source of vitamins E, A, C. Makes our nerves stronger and improves the circulation of blood. Positive effect on hair and skin quality.

I used:

  • sunflower sprouts
  • organic cherry tomatoes
  • spring onion
  • olive oil
  • pink Himalaya salt

I cut a lock of his sunflower sprouts that grow in a pot on my kitchen window. I rinsed them with water and cut it. Also spring onions, tomatoes.

DSC_0053  DSC_0055
I mixed everything together with olive oil and salt. My Sunflower Sprouts Salad is done. I love it because sunflower sprouts has slight sweetly taste.

DSC_0066  DSC_0067

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