Yarn Pom – Poms

One afternoon me and my daughter Mia decided to make Pom – Poms from yarns. It can be used for  home or party decorations, gift wrapping, necklaces, costumes or any other suitable celebration.

I am sure that most of you already did something like this. It was new experience for us and we had a wonderful time together. We’ve made Pom – Poms from different colored yarns.

We used:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • peace of cartoon


There is a few different ways how to make your Pom – Poms. Mia used technique with her fingers. Wind the yarn around fingers. The more you wrap, the fuller the Pom – Pom will be. Cut the yarn when you finished wrapping. Than cut one extra yarn stripe.


Pass through piece of this extra yarn through your fingers and make a few strong nodes.


Put it carefully down out of hand and cut the remaining yarn.


Take a pair of scissors and cut through the loops on both sides of the Pom – Pom. Pull all the hairs up and give your Pom – Pom a trim! Now our Pom – Pom look fine. Just keep cutting till it looks puffy and full.



I tried another two techniques. With a peace of cardboard and table.





The result of all techniques was brilliant!!

100_7164Yarn Pom - Poms

I used my Yarn Pom -Poms for a interior decoration.




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  • September 27, 2014 - 5:07 pm | Permalink

    I love pom-poms, great idea with the table – I cant wait to try it !

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