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Recycled Paper Holder

I was thinking for a long time how can I recycle boxes from washing powder or  dishwasher tablets. I decided to use them as a Paper or Magazines holder.

These boxes are pretty strong, which is crucial parameter for paper holder.

Material and accessories:

  • boxes from washing machine powder
  • boxes from dishwasher tables
  • decorative paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • various decoration by your choice

Cut a few simple shapes on the top of each box.


Turn decorative paper on the opposite side and retrace shapes of the box. Cut all parts.


Put glue on each side of box and paste your decorative paper on.


On boxes, where I used brown paper I stock a different decorations cut out of paper or fabric. Woalaaaa… my Recycled Paper Holder are alive.

100_7248Recycled Paper Holder


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