Potatoes and Cheese Dumplings

Delicious vegetarian dish made from potatoes and cheese. Preparing takes a little longer, but they taste really good. All my family love them and I make them quite often. If you have not  sheep cheese, you can substitute it with goat‘s or cow cheese.

I used: potatoes, flour, goat or sheep cheese, oil, water, egg, salt


Boil a potatoes skin. Leave them to cool afterwards. Peel and grate them next. Then mix together flour, egg and grated potatoes. Add one tea spoon of salt and half cup of oil. Mash everything together until you get a solid, firm dough.

Expand the dough on the board and using Pastry cutters or a glass, cut out small circles. Now I prepare a cheese fill. I mixed one sheep cheese with sour cream together.


Carefully fill every dough circle with cheese and make a small balls.


Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a gentle boil. Carefully put inside a few balls. Cover the pot and wait until the balls float to the topsides.


Now is my Potatoes and Cheese Dumplings ready. It is up to you to choose side dish with dumplings. My daughter likes them the most with sauerkraut and fried bacon.

100_6465Potatoes and Cheese Dumplings

But because I am vegetarian I love them with sour cream on it.



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