Pencil Decoration

I did this craft with kids a 3 – 6 year’s old. The manufacturing process will help children improve their motor skills through cutting, drawing, gluing It’s up to kids how their decoration will looks like. ( animals, shapes, figures, symbols …)

I used: color paper, glue, fuzzy sticks, markers

100_6620  100_6627

I Bend my colored paper in half and I drew the animal (seahorse)

I carefully cut out seahorse as shown. Because I had a paper folded in half, cutting out one get two horses Now I made some nice patterns on each of them.

100_6630 100_6631

Take the glue and apply it on the inner sides of pets and add a fuzzy stick.

100_6633 100_6635

Glue everything well together with your fingers. When glue dry, take the fuzzy stick and twirl it around the pencil.

100_6638 100_6640

Our Pencil decoration is complete. My daughter loves them. 🙂

100_6641 Pencil decoration

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