National Slovak Dish

Bryndzové Halušky is a National Slovak dish. It’s composed of Halušky and bryndza. Halušky is a dish consisting of boiled lumps potato dough resembling gnocchi, and bryndza is a cheese made from sheep milk. The dish is often garnished with smoked bacon or pork fat before serving. In brief, the dish can be referred to as potato dumplings with bacon and bryndza sheep cheese.

I used: 4/5 potatoes, 300g flour,  oil, salt, 1 egg, sheep (goat) cheese

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First I chopped all my potatoes in to a very little peaces.

I Mixed a chopped potatoes with flour, egg, salt and get a very thick mixture. You need to make dough that is not sparse but also not tough.

100_6056 100_6058

Boil water with 2 tbsp of salt. Water has to boil all the time during the preparation. Toss pieces into the boiled water, using a special sieve. Alternatively you can use kitchen knife and cutting board to separate small dumplings (this is old traditional approach).

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Cook them for few minutes until they float on the water level.


Strain gnocchi through a sieve.

100_6071 100_6072

Put all gnocchi into bowl and add oil so they wouldn’t stick together. Serve them with sheep cheese and sour cream. In many countries is difficult to buy Bryndza (special kind of sheep cheese). You can use other cheese instead, for example Feta or Parmesan cheese mixed with sour cream.

100_6074 National Slovak Dish

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