Christmas Postcard 2013

I used:  A4 white hard paper, A4 blue paper, A4 white paper, glue, tool, different markers ( I used: brown, orange, black), scissors.


Bend the A4 hard white pap. paper in half and cut into a two peaces.

Now both pieces of hard white pap. bend in half and do the same with A4 blue paper. Take one hard white peace and put the solid glue on.


After glue I quickly put on one of blue paper peace. I try to be quick but thorough that the two parts glued together properly. Now I have a very nice background for Christmas cards.


Now I take A4 white paper and my prepared postcard and mark and mark up to which amount will range snow. I drew a simple outline snowman and landscape.


I cut my picture and stick it with solid glue on my blue postcard. After my snowman is standing, I drew him with markers. Off course it up to you, how look you will give to your snowman 🙂


Take a residual paper that you stay out of the snowman and cut out from it such a round white wheels. I used them as snowflakes. Carefully stick them on my nearly finished Ch. postcard.


That’s it. My Christmas postcard 2013 are done. It was fun. Me and my daughter delight this creative craft times.~ENJOY WITH YOUR KIDS~




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