Dust mite allergy Lifestyle

A member of our family has a really strong dust mite allergy. This kind of allergy is very uncomfortable as dust mites are everywhere. You c [...]

Piece of mine

Since I started to study Early childhood education I was more and more interested in child Art’s and Craft projects. I really enjoy cr [...]

Jesenná pohľadnica “Ježkovia”

Ďalší, vešmi jednoduchý kraft projekt pre Vaše dietky. Vytvorili sme si veľmi pekne pohladnice s ježkovou tématikou pomocou jednodu [...]

Jesenna pohľadnica “listy”

Rada by som sa s Vami podelila o další, veľmi jednoduchy craft projekt pre Vas a Vaše deti. Vyrobili sme si krásnu pohľadnicu s jesenn [...]

Christmas Postcard 2014/01

Ďalšia vainočná pohľadnica, pri ktorých sme strávili super zábavný a kreatívny čas. Deti pracovali press technikou a veľmi ich t [...]

Easter Bunny cups

Very quick easter craft for your kids. We recycled some paper cups. For this craft you do not need a lot of materials. We used these Easter [...]

Cheap Christmas decoration

Do you also have at home lot’s of unneeded cartons or paper boxes? I was thinking how to reuse them. Because Christmas time is  almos [...]

Halloween Eyeballs

You will surprise your trick and treaters with this craft for sure! These Halloween Eyeballs took me a little bit longer to create, but the [...]

Cheap Halloween decoration

Do you also have at home a few of white paper plate? How to recycle old black plastic bag? You can use them with your kid’s to make a [...]
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